Halton Hills and Georgetown

Those living outside of the Greater Toronto Area, and maybe even those inside of it, may never have heard of the area known as Halton Hills and Georgetown. In fact, this area is often over shadowed by the truly busting metropolises around it, with Toronto located just a little bit to the east, Burlington and Hamilton to the south, and Mississauga and Oakville even closer.

The best thing about Halton Hills and Georgetown is that while they are located in very close proximity to these major urban centres, the area stands as a place apart. So far apart, in fact, that unless one is actually on the major highway to the southeast you might not even realize that you are in the heart of Canada's most densely populated region.

The Halton Hills and Georgetown area only actually contains a population of fewer than 60,000; and that is huge when you consider that within a 30-mile radius somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6 million people make their home!

Because the population has remained so small and yet it is conveniently close to so many benefits of the big populations, this area has become a popular one to live for commuters who have purchased a home or other Georgetown Ontario real estate using First Central Mortgage Funding. On this site, we are going to get into a little more detail about what you can expect to find in Halton Hills, starting with this home page, so let's jump right in.

A note on the names

The area that includes Georgetown and Halton Hills is actually legally titled the town of Halton Hills. In fact, this area includes an amalgamation of several different town sites. The two largest are Georgetown and Acton, and over seventy percent of the total population of the area make their home in Georgetown. This is a part of the reason why the area is most commonly referred to just as "Georgetown".

Less people, more space

One of the most appealing facts about Halton Hills, for some people at least, is the amount of green space that has been preserved. A large part of the Niagara Escarpment (a long series of shelf rock) runs right through this area, thus it has been designated as a World Biosphere Reserve since 1990. The escarpment includes the cliff that the famous Niagara Falls flows over, although this is not located in the Halton Hills region. However, what does run through the area is the famous Bruce Trail, which is the longest and most popular footpath in Ontario and is used during all seasons.

Due to the attention received by the Niagara escarpment, Halton Hills has become a buzzword when it comes to outdoor recreation opportunities in southern Ontario. The area includes dozens of parks, wetlands, and conservation education areas, which appeal to people of all ages.

A comfortable feel

The Halton Hills area is also perfect for people who yearn for a time when life was a more simple and more agrarian. There are several festivals and events in the city that pay tribute to the area's rural feel, including a weekly Farmer's Market, Antique shows, and a yearly Santa Claus Parade.

The Halton Hills area is certainly among the most unique in southern Ontario. Within a few minutes' drive of the concrete and asphalt worlds of Mississauga and Toronto, and all that they have to offer in the way of human activity, it is truly a place where one can escape from the rigours that city life can entail. It's a great place to be, whether you are visiting or planning to stay for the long term. wilbrulam


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Halton Hills & Georgetown

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