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As towns go, there are few in Canada like Halton Hills. This municipality is actually made up of several smaller towns, which have all been amalgamated into one town spread out over a large area.

And we do mean large! At last count, there were around 55,000 people living in the municipality of Halton Hills, all spread out over the 276 kilometres included in the town limits. As you can probably guess, this means that the average citizen of Halton Hills has a lot of 'elbow room'. There is no need for Toronto loft style apartments in a community with so much space; at least not yet!

We say not yet, because the town of Halton Hills has been growing steadily for five years now. This is in keeping with the pattern of many of the communities within the Greater Toronto Area. The exponential growth and cost of living in Toronto has meant that many people are looking to buy their home in Uxbridge, Ontario and other outlying communities, including Halton Hills.

In this section of the site, we are going to take a look at all things that have to do with the area surrounding and including the town of Halton Hills. Expect to find articles on everything from recreation (as you might have guessed from the population density, there are plenty of things for the nature lover to do in the area) to real estate (we will take a look at Halton Hills houses compared to Brampton houses and those found elsewhere in southern Ontario). Below, we have a brief outline of the information you can expect, just to get you started.

The Great Outdoors

As we mentioned above, the community of Halton Hills includes some pristine natural landscapes; in fact, many of these landscapes are protected conservation areas. The area includes some of the most outstanding natural features to be found in Eastern Canada, but you will have to take a look inside if you want to know what we are talking about!

Real Estate

While the population is small, there is enough land in the Halton Hills region to satisfy the desires of any home owner or builder. All you have to do is worry about securing a mortgage! Toronto, Canada, the nation's financial capital, is a short drive away so getting the best mortgage rates in the country is no problem. We will take a look at the different communities that make up Halton Hills and the highlights of each.

Arts and Culture

Though small, Halton Hills still dedicates town resources to the arts. The area is rife with local history as well as talent (many artisans make their homes in the conveniently small natural town).

Southern Ontario is a study in contrasts. Small towns such as Halton Hills and Leaside exist just a short distance from sprawling metropolises like Toronto and Hamilton. You can learn all about one of those small towns and the area surrounding it in the articles we include in this section.

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