Many people looking for a rural style home that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in the southern Ontario region have found a perfect fit while looking at homes in Acton. This community has been correctly called the last "typical Ontario small town" in the Greater Toronto area. As part of the town of Halton Hills, Acton is one of two urban centres of the township, sharing duties with the more populous Georgetown. In fact, Georgetown is much more populous, with about 40,000 people more than the 10,000 who live in Acton.

Part of the attraction for many Acton residents is the fact that this community has the down home, intimate feel of a small town. Acton's slow growth is not the result of a lack of desirability, but rather due to considerations involving infrastructure. The community lies in a part of Ontario that is ecologically unique and sensitive, and this meant that strict regulations were in place in regards to development, particularly in the area of water systems (both delivery and sewer). The town has recently negotiated a re-zoning of the environmental laws in its boundaries, and the availability of more Acton real estate, thanks to new developments, has meant a significant increase in the population of the town. This increase is expected to continue, largely due to Acton's fortunate proximity to many of the major centres of southern Ontario.

While it may have made it hard for the town to grow in the past, those environmental laws were certainly well intended, protecting the biggest draws, as far as residents and visitors to the Acton area are concerned. This community is well noted for the broad range of outdoor activities, which can be enjoyed thanks to the surrounding country side. While you won't get the night life you could enjoy in with Toronto real estate or even a Waterloo, Ontario home, you can't beat the scenery.

Just what is it about the rural areas of Acton that make it so appealing? Well, those with a real estate license working in the area boast that the community is located on and surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment. This geographical feature runs through Ontario, as well as five different States. It was formed from the bedrock of the Great Lakes and is significantly higher than the surrounding countryside, which explains why areas such as Acton receive more snow fall in a winter than nearby communities. The Escarpment was one of twelve Canadian locations named as World Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO in 1990, which means that all development is strictly regulated.

While there are enough industries and businesses to keep the residents of Acton employed year round, many residents make their livings in nearby, larger metropolitan centres. It is the appeal of the neighbourhood and its surroundings that call to Acton residents. We have been over the Escarpment, which allows for many outdoor exercise-based activities, but the community of Acton also includes that portion of community spirit that can really only be found in small towns. There are annual festivals and parades, including Canada Day celebrations and Santa Claus Parades each year.

One of the most noted festivals in Acton is the Leathertown Festival. The event celebrates Acton's historic past as a major leather producer. A leather distributor, entitled Hide House, still stands as one of the premier landmarks of the community.

Small town atmosphere within reach of big city opportunities and some of the most spectacular outdoor scenery in Ontario are great reasons to consider the real estate opportunities in Acton today.

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