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The Halton Hills area of Ontario is primarily residential but has many opportunities in the business sector from veterinary practices to shopping malls. Business is essential to growing towns like Halton Hills because residents don't want to have to go all the way to the next town to pick up new gardening hand tools if they accidentally snap the head off their trowels when they hit a rock planting flowers. As such, there are dozens of retail locations scattered throughout the various communities that make up the township of Halton Hills, many of which are standard chain stores like Home Depot or Canadian Tire, while others are local establishments.

Retail isn't the only type of business that is thriving in the township of Halton Hills, either. There are several print and television media outlets either headquartered in or with operations in the Halton Hills communities. The Georgetown Independent newspaper serves the community of Georgetown while the Acton Free Press publication primarily concerns itself with that community. Stations like TVCogeco cover the whole township. Any of these businesses would provide an excellent opportunity for arts and media trained people such as writers, editors, journalists, typesetters and even those who do student proofreading on the side.

Thriving small businesses are the soul of any community and the township of Halton Hills has many. They range from local hardware stores to in-home daycares to small manufacturing or contracting operations. If you would like to start a small business in the Halton Hills township area, whether it be a new medical practice or a pawn shop that trades cash for gold jewelry, you must first apply for a business license with the Halton Hills municipal government. The township is very keen on development of their area, so as long as your business isn't illegal or environmentally harmful, they will probably say yes.

Halton Hills is an ideal location to open a business because it is a safe, stable community with a relatively high median income due to the number of people who go to nearby Toronto for work in high paying industries like finance and baking. If you don't want to start a small business, opening a franchise location is another option. Franchises like Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire are Canadian trade marks. They always do well wherever they are opened, so you could consider opening one yourself if donut making or hardware is in your sphere of interest.

There are always the ubiquitous home businesses, as well present in Halton Hills in increasing numbers that are difficult to quantify because the very small scale in which some of them operate don't require them to report separately. If you need a day care, web page, or piece of jewelry, there is undoubtedly a home business in Halton Hills you could patronize. If you are interested in starting your own or telecommuting, first invest in some type of online collaboration software to get you hooked into a network of people and information that can help you.

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