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There are tricks that some communities use with realtor web design to make a place look more hospitable and beautiful than it really is. But with a place like Caledon, that's just not needed. Located in the Peel Region of the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, is the town of Caledon. With a population of just under 60,000, the town typifies the southern provincial landscape outside of the big city, with a good mix of urban convenience and rural lifestyle. In fact, many of the wealthiest citizens of Toronto (and of the world; Elton John has property in Caledon) own country estates in the Caledon area because of its notable scenery and quiet lifestyle.

There are opportunities to purchase real estate in Caledon, with funding from First Central Mortgage Funding, that appeal to a wide range of buyers. You will not find the towering condo buildings or the residential loft opportunities of the metropolitan Toronto area, instead the housing in Caledon offers, for the most part, single-detached homes in a variety of sizes and styles, from the sprawling estates mentioned above to the average home of the average Canadian citizen.

The double "-est" community

So, what is it that sets Caledon real estate apart from the other towns and communities in the Greater Toronto Area? Well, there are a few, but let's start out with the old battle for the crown. Every community likes to tout itself as being the "best" in certain areas, and demonstrates this by adding a suffix (-est) to the end of the adjective they are known for. Some of the categories are more desirable than others (for example, being the "healthiest" city is more appealing than being the "loudest" city in the province). Caledon can boast, with documentation and awards to back it up, to being the first in line for two of the most important:

    Safest town in Canada to live: Maclean's magazine named Caledon as the safest city to live in Canada, out of a list of the 100 biggest in the country. The ranking was based on the score created by tallying the number of crimes and was found to be 107 percent below the national average in almost every area. Both the Caledon division of the Ontario Provincial Police and the residents themselves are credited for this record in the article. If you're moving with a family, you won't get this with a peaceful Toronto condo apartment rental or Toronto beaches real estate.

    Greenest town in Ontario: When you think about it, it is not surprising that the city named the safest in Canada should also be named the greenest town in the province. Both issues speak to a conscientious government and populace, one that carefully considers the impact of citizens both on each other and their environment. Caledon won this award in 2003.

So, buying Caledon real estate means that you are going to be a part of a community that is clean all the way through, from output to the streets. But, what else is in store for residents of this town? Well, the community is located right in the heart of some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes to be found in Ontario. Known as the Hills of Headwaters, the countryside surrounding Caledon is paradise-like in appearance and in opportunities. Golfers, hikers, canoers, kayakers, and bikers will all find a perfect place to carry out their favourite sports. The town draws attention to its natural appeal with several annual festivals, including both a Summer and a Winter Feast.

When it comes to real estate opportunities in Southern Ontario, the community of Caledon offers some of the best credentials and opportunities around.

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