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While it may not have the population base of its nearest neighbours, the Halton Hills/Georgetown community in Ontario offers a good variety of job opportunities to the people who live there. We're going to take a look at some of the highlights in career opportunities in this, one of Ontario's most beautiful communities.


The town of Halton Hills is unique in southern Ontario, in that it is close to the largest cities in the country but still has a lot of green space. While much of this space is preserved for recreation and ecological purposes, there is still plenty of room for the city to develop.

Entrepreneurs in the area may wish to contemplate the potential evident within the town. Close to Toronto, Burlington, and other over populated areas with high costs of living, Halton Hills is set to become the next Big Deal in real estate. That means a variety of opportunities for an Ontario architect, construction worker, or tradesperson. In fact, areas such as Georgetown have already begun to see a big shift in the job market in these areas.


As is the case with any Canadian town, there are ample opportunities for health professionals within the Halton Hills township. Opportunities exist to help people suffering from conditions ranging from broken bones to bipolar disorder. Hamilton, Toronto, and other major regions are close by, so professionals can expect to be on the cutting edge of health research in their fields.

Office space

Have you dreamed of being a player in a big corporation, in the human resources department, operations development, management, or in another area? As a part of the Golden Horseshoe area, Halton Hills has been attracting more and more headquarters every year. Businesses such as Neilson Dairy and CPI Canada have taken advantage of low overhead costs and located within the Georgetown area, a boon to the local population when it comes to careers!

Blue collar

For those with limited education or experience, there are still high paying opportunities to be found in the Georgetown area. Archer Daniels Midland Cocoa is just one of several companies which operate manufacturing plants in the town. Unionized workers enjoy reasonable hours and good wages working at a number of different jobs. These plants offer careers in management, in safety (inspecting the tamper evident seals on the products), and of course on the line.

Starting your own business

One of the best things you can do career wise when living in the Halton Hills area is to start your own business. Again, the low cost of living as compared to nearby cities means that you can have a significant price advantage over competition in those centres. You may specialize in data encryption or in technical writing; if you can do it from home, Georgetown is a great place for you!

The Halton Hills area's employment market has increased along with its population in the last few years. The south of Georgetown, in particular, is evidence of this. Many new stores and facilities have come to the city as the population expands, taking advantage of reasonable housing costs.

Real estate prices aren't the only thing that has people noticing Halton Hills. Costs in the big city are increasing for businesses, in everything from marketing to printing. Toronto based companies are looking to cut down on these costs, and their roving eyes could be great news for anyone thinking about making a career in the Halton Hills area.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017