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Before you start to look for condominiums to call home in the Georgetown/Halton Hills area, you should remind yourself that the population of the town is less than 60,000. That means you are not going to find anything to match what you may see in a Toronto loft condo. There are condominium developments in the area, but they tend to be more of a middle class, uniform style.

In other words, condo developments in Halton Hills are not likely to be more than six or seven storeys high, now or anytime in the near future. They are a far cry from the towering skyscrapers, tributes to modern urban living that you will find in London Ontario condominiums. Still, don't take this to mean that condominium developments in Halton Hills are totally lacking in modern style.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. Developments such as those on Stewart McLaren Road in Georgetown have all the trappings of a modern, middle class apartment. Two bedrooms, two storeys, and plenty of parking all give these buildings an edge over the average Oakville real estate.

And, of course, condo developments in the town of Halton Hills don't come at nearly as high a price as their counterparts in many places in the rest of the country. Just take a look at units such as those found at 26 Hall Road. Yearly taxes hover just over the $2000 mark, with condo fees at $605. The price of a corner unit sits around $240,000. That's with nearly 1300 square feet, new carpeting, modern living room and kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a porch, and a Jacuzzi tub in the ensuite! If you have had a look at any Kingston Ontario MLS lately, you know that prices like this are getting more and more rare!

Of course, those looking for a home in the Halton Hills region might wonder why they would purchase a condo, comparatively good deals aside. After all, house prices here are comparable to those offered on the Oshawa real estate market; they are hardly out of reach of the average family. With little downtown commute traffic to worry about, why not just purchase a single family home?

Well, the answer is twofold. First of all, condominium developments in Halton Hills offer the same advantage as those anywhere else. They are close to the areas you are most likely to travel, saving you time and money on trips. They are small and contained, amounting to much less house and yard work for you and your family.

Perhaps most importantly, however, condos in Halton Hills offer great investment opportunities. As the communities, and Georgetown in particular, grow, condos will increase in value. More people are likely to move into the town as housing prices go up in larger cities, and condos look great to commuters. You might even consider renting out your condo when you are ready to purchase a stand alone home, and create a second income stream that way.

While condominium developments in Halton Hills and Georgetown hardly rival those in Toronto or Mississauga, they do have something to offer buyers in the real estate market. Clean, efficient, and modern, a Georgetown condo represents a great investment opportunity.

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