Maybe talking to an Oakville real estate agent is still a little too "city" for you, you may want to look into a property with a little more character that's still a relatively easy commute to the city, you've found the right site. If you are familiar with Irish culture and community, then you could reasonably expect that a community that takes its name directly from the rolling green hills of that country to exemplify its finer qualities in every way, and that is exactly what you can expect to find in the town of Erin, Ontario. With just under 12,000 residents, real estate in Erin, Ontario is not as diverse as in other areas, but the amalgamated town has its own distinct appeal, which is leading to growth and development in many sectors.

The main draw, as far as Erin real estate, has always been the location of the town in relation to large municipalities. Workers who spend their days in the industrially driven metro centres of Mississauga, Guelph, and Brampton make up a large percentage of people who own homes in Erin (Erin even sees a share of its population make the commute each day into Toronto, which is about 80 kilometres to the northwest).

So, what reason do people have for the commute from Erin to other and larger spots on the map? Well, primarily, real estate prices in the town make the trip more than worth it. Each of the urban centres where Erin residents work have prices much higher than those for similar property in Erin, and that means big savings as far as property taxes and mortgage payments.

Erin Culture

As you might expect in a community with a population the size of Erin's, the culture is centralized and residents tend to be fairly close-knit and aware of community happenings. The heart of the town (which includes six hamlets and two villages) is the community centre, which is known as Centre 2000. This is a large building, which includes a 300-seat theatre (where second run movies are held on weekends - and if you are all about beating the big prices at urban theatres this is the way to do it!), the community high school, the library, a daycare, and several local offices for professionals. Centre 2000 is where the community really comes together.

Potential in Erin

While some towns are destined to remain bedroom communities forever, the town of Erin is committed to diversifying its opportunities and to becoming a self sustaining community in its own right. To this end, major strides have been taken to attract new businesses and opportunities, and thus new residents.

The primary activity among residents who make their living in Erin continues to be farming. This accounts for the beautifully rural landscape of the entire region, the perfect escape for anyone tired of the city.

However, Erin has recognized that diversification is the key to growth, and to that end the town has made several strides towards attracting new ideas. A new industrial park has meant that several companies have turned their attention Erin's way. This attention is due not only to the new construction, but also to the fact that Erin has a much lower tax rate than the major centres surrounding it. It is also easy to ship goods in and out of Erin. Finally, bordered by technology-driven centres such as Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge, Erin has a great location within Ontario's Technology Triangle.

Proximity to major centres, a commitment to diversification, and the community spirit that goes with a rural town are all great reasons to consider Erin when you are looking for your ideal Ontario home.

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