Farming Community

When you're living in a small town like Halton Hills, you don't always have the resources that big cities do, which is why some people in Halton Hills take up farming. Living in a small town often makes people become more self-sufficient, as they have easy access to the resources necessary to do so. Whether they are growing food or supplies for personal reasons or because they're a greenhouse supplier, farming provides many ways of maintaining a viable lifestyle. This section of the site deals with the farming community of Halton Hills. If you're a part of the Canadian foreign worker program, you might even get some potential job ideas from their farming community.

One of the great benefits of visiting a place like Halton Hills is that a lot of their produce is grown naturally by the residents of Halton Hills. Some of these farms are family institutions that have been passed down through generations. One such farm is the Scotch Block Farms/Andrews Scenic Acres, containing 175 acres of fruits and vegetables. Visiting the family farm will give you a great opportunity to experience what farm life is like and you will get to see how a family survives in the farming industry. As well, if you're tired from working all day in a notcher factory and want to sit back with a nice glass of wine, they also have an award winning winery on site.

One of the great features of farms in Halton Hills is the opportunity to pick your own fruit. Fresh fruit is such a tasty treat, and being able to pick your own strawberries right from the field on a nice sunny day is something that you don't get to do all that often. If you're in Halton Hills, you should go pick up a nice big wicker basket at the local farmer's market and head on down to Pick-Your-Own Farms. The name of the farm is pretty self-explanatory. Picking your own fresh fruit and vegetables might give you the urge to get out of the nuclear shielding supply business and start up your own farm.

Farms such as Chudleigh's Apple Farm is also a great source of entertainment for the whole family. In addition to being able to pick out your own apples, they also have a children's entertainment area that features a straw maze, sand pit and tractor wagon rides. While the kids are away playing and enjoying themselves, you can go out and have a nice relaxing dinner at their fully licensed restaurant. Farming in Halton Hills isn't just about growing fruits, but also having fun and enjoying all that Halton Hills has to offer.

As you can see, the farming community of Halton Hills is a vibrant, thriving, and very self-sufficient community. If you're thinking about moving down to Halton Hills to get away from everything and just be one with mother nature, finding yourself a nice large property would serve you well. Whether you choose to grow organic ingredients to be used in organic baby bath products, ingredients for a fresh home-made salad, or simply to select the freshest produce from the local farmer's market, you'll certainly find a good home in Halton Hills.

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