While it is dwarfed by nearby Toronto, Hamilton, Ontario is nonetheless one of the most dynamic places in the country to live. In fact, considering the many advantages Hamilton has, it is relatively overlooked on the Canadian city scene. Here are a couple Hamilton highlights that are of interest to anyone, whether you just want to visit the city or are looking for a home for sale in Oakville.


Hamilton has an advantageous position right on the shores of Lake Ontario, and the landscape of the area along with the city itself have been draws for several film and television productions. Hamilton has been lauded for the diversity of locations for shooting, so the film industry continues to play a big part in the economy. At times, the city could be as bustling as if you lived in Charlie condos or 110 Bloor right in the heart of Toronto.

Hamilton has also enjoyed an increasing role in the Canadian arts community in the last few years. The collection of galleries, studios, and independent film studios combine with living expenses that can be quite a bit less than in nearby Toronto and contribute to a thriving arts scene. So, if that condominiums Toronto are out of your price range, maybe looking in Hamilton would be right for you.

Real estate in Hamilton, Ontario

Those housing prices are a draw no matter what industry in Hamilton you are interested in. Whether you are looking for a country home, like those on Whitby real estate or a modern King West condo, Hamilton probably has a similar property to suit your needs.

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Speaking of industries, it is important to note that Hamilton's economy is quite diverse. As with other areas of southern Ontario, real estate is chiefly purchased by people who want to take advantage of all the economic opportunities the Golden Horseshoe has to offer, whether their in health care or lawyers with fancy Motorola leather cases. Manufacturing and health science sectors are particularly strong in the city, which also offers several upper education opportunities, mainly McMaster University.

That's just a brief taste of what Hamilton has to offer. It's a great place to work or visit, with a wide range of opportunities in all categories.

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