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Halton Hills township isn't by any means an industrial epicenter for Ontario manufacturing. This is good for the many thousands of residents who are looking for a nice suburban home with good views not spoiled by smoking factory stacks or unsightly chain link fences. However, where do you think the materials to build and supply these homes and businesses came from? Not all of it was imported from other towns. Some of it was made right in Halton Hills. So you see, while Halton Hills isn't drowning in the proceeds of precious metal funds, it isn't totally devoid of industrial infrastructure, either.

Building materials, electrical manufacturing, and metalwork are the three biggest areas of industry in the Halton Hills township and most of the factories associated with them are located in Georgetown rather than any of the smaller, more rural communities. Manufacturers like Innovative Steel Systems and Intlvac Inc. need larger pools of workers to run their operations, which they wouldn't find in a small farming community. These factories make everything from sheet metal to industrial strainers and require a great deal of power, workers, and access to major road and rail transportation, elements that only converge in larger settlements.

These larger companies supply not just Halton Hills with industrial products but also many of the other surrounding towns and cities in Ontario and the rest of the world. To maintain their client base and keep up with the competition, these companies need live leads in the form of referrals from previous customers or tips as to what firms may need their services in the future. It is a cycle of give and take, referral and advertising through word of mouth that helps a lot of business and industry, particularly in smaller townships like Halton Hills to expand and support themselves.

For instance part of the cycle might work like this: if a building contractor purchased a large amount of roofing materials for a new suburban housing development, maybe from the profits of active ETFs, and was pleased with the quality of these materials, he might recommend the company to a friend who is looking for a davit manufacturer to make exhaust pipes for the roof of the new animal clinic. Or conversely, the company could approach the builder of the animal clinic directly if their contractor client tipped them off about the clinic's needs.

The more rural the communities get the more the industry present in these communities reflects their needs. For instance, in the tiny villages on the outskirts you wouldn't see a lot of big factories or operations hubs because the small population can't supply enough workers. In smaller, rural communities you see more vacuum pump suppliers for septic tanks and effluent treatment chemical manufacturers because the communities may not be connected to a city sewer line and instead rely on septic tanks that must be siphoned and treated regularly, services that are not provided by the municipal government like sewer maintenance is.

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