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When it comes to central Ontario real estate, there might not be any community quite as confusing in concept as Kitchener-Waterloo. Don't get us wrong, the communities offer the same plethora of opportunities as you might find when looking at Mississauga homes for sale or Brampton real estate listings. There are plenty of people (just shy of 450,000 in the entire area, rivalling the population of Brampton and other "single" cities). The trick is that these people may call themselves residents of any one of a number of places.

The roots of this phenomenon are in the recent trend of the province of Ontario to amalgamate various communities into larger districts. In the case of Kitchener-Waterloo real estate, even the name does not tell the whole story. Because Cambridge is also considered to be part of the district, the tale is one of three cities rather than two. In fact, many people simply refer to the region as "tri-cities".

All three cities retain their individual governmental structure, with elected municipal boards and so on. While many individuals who have lived in the separate cities their whole lives probably refer to their hometowns as separate entities, there is a growing tendency to refer to the district as one town, with some of the same municipal vehicles going through each section.

Including the three cities all as one entity certainly has its advantages. Residents can take advantage of not just one, but three different vibrant economies. In addition, the location of the tri-cities right in the middle of Ontario's southern portion is advantageous in terms of revenue from major transportation routes, tourism, and other factors. It's like living in a Mississauga condo and working on Riverdale, Toronto real estate without having to deal with the same level of traffic every day.

Moreover, the different resources of these communities can be pooled. Kitchener represents the blue collar side of Ontario living, with a focus on municipal business in the various business parks in the city. Cambridge and Waterloo, on the other hand, tend towards white collar industry, supported by the presence of two universities and several high tech companies.

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