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When it comes to population size, there is literally no city in Canada with the potential of Milton, Ontario and the numbers to prove that potential. Milton was Canada's fastest growing city according to the latest census (completed in 2006). In the two years since the completion of that census, Milton has increased its population by a staggering 20,000 people and this growth is expected only to continue. While it is steadily growing, it is still a relative secret, with little cheap postcard printing promoting the area. It seems not to need extra help! In fact Milton is projected to have a population of almost 120,000 by the year 2021. It's no wonder, being a perfect middle between the ultramodern condo in downtown Toronto and a huge commute with Kitchener Waterloo real estate listings.

All these statistics should be of great interest to anyone looking for a Milton, Ontario home for sale. They mean a couple of different things. First of all, they mean that people are attracted to Milton for at least one reason. We think it may be more. To start with, Milton has a vibrant economy all on its own which can support that number of people. In addition, Milton is quite close to several larger urban centres in the Greater Toronto Area, which means even more opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

The second thing to keep in mind for those interested in Guelph Real Estate is that those numbers, and those projections, mean that an investment in a Milton home is the closest to a sure bet that someone can make. Just think; the city does not have even 80,000 people in it right now. It is projected to almost double in size within the next 13 years. The results on house prices should be staggering, and an investment now will pay dividends later.

As far as the real estate opportunities, most people will be looking at newer Milton homes that have sprung up in new subdivisions all around the city. The developments have been made possible by new access to water piped in from Lake Ontario.

There really are no real estate opportunities in Canada that can rival those in Milton. A fast growing community with a strong economic base is the perfect recipe for anyone looking to buy.

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