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Just a short drive from the mega city of Toronto lies the quiet bedroom community of Norval. By short we mean really short; Norval is just a 55 kilometre drive from the metropolis. And by quiet, we mean really quiet. There is not a single shred of evidence when you are in Norval that the biggest city in Canada is less than a forty five minute drive away.

Norval, is a small rural town like many of the villages and communities that make up the municipality of Halton Hills. Homes in the area vary in size, and most are single standalone dwellings set in a backdrop of boreal forests and defined by the Credit River. Only Highway Seven, which runs through the town, gives evidence of the major centres that lie all around.

In other words, Halton Hills real estate is perfect for the family who wants to take advantage of the economic opportunities afforded by the proximity to the big cities of Ontario but without having to live in an urban lifestyle. The town itself has very limited economic opportunity. There are a few farms and a general store but for the most parts residents have to make use of nearby centres for their goods.

Despite its small size, Norval can boast to have been the home of a major player on the Canadian cultural scene. Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables books, lived in the village for a long time as she wrote her acclaimed books. Norval makes good use of this association; Montgomery's former home is among the most visited pieces of real estate in Halton.

Whether you are a family looking for a quiet place in Ontario to make your home or a tourist interested in some pieces of Canadian literary history, Norval in Halton Hills is a great place to look.

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