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If you've reached our site looking for information about Halton Hills and the surrounding region, thank you, and welcome. As you may have noticed from the rest of the site, Halton Hills is a great place to live or visit. This section of the site deals with the many benefits that Halton Hills has to offer, and the benefits of what it feels like to live or visit a small town. Whether you're an Annex real estate agent looking for place to settle down or a new couple looking to start your independent life, you'll be hard pressed to find a better location than Halton Hills.

Halton Hills has just over 55,000 residents. It's not cramped for space by any means. Much more spacious than most Whitby real estate, one of the great things about living or visiting Halton Hills is how much space you have. You can walk down the street or stroll through the park and not have to worry about it being cramped and crowded. You can fling your arms in the air and there's a good possibility that there won't be anyone in your way that you might possibly hit in the face. The beautiful scenery that's well kept by city officials is like looking at something you would see in the pages of a magazine. One of the greatest benefits of a small town like Halton Hills is that you get the feeling that you're a part of a private utopia, and you feel privileged to just be a part of it.

Just because Halton Hills is a small town, it doesn't mean that it can't give you everything that living in a big metropolitan city like Toronto gives you. If you enjoy shopping, just head on down to Georgetown or Acton and browse the various shops or franchises they have to offer you. With a small population, it means there are less people shopping at once, and you can have a more relaxed shopping experience with shorter line-ups. While Halton Hills isn't so small that you'll have to go without your usual microdermabrasion procedure, its small enough that you can get to know many of its residents, and get a friendly smile from anyone as you walk down the street. Halton Hills offers the amenities and entertainment of a place like Bloor West Village with the close-knit homeliness of rural communities.

If you've been spending your off days in the big city looking at an Ontario waterfront cottage for sale that you want to buy so you could live in a secluded area, near nature that you can spend your free time enjoying, why not come down to Halton Hills for a visit? You will probably enjoy the area and small town feel so much, that you might even consider an extended stay that could become permanent. Wouldn't you like to get away from all that big city life hustle and bustle?

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