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Halton Hills is a unique community within Canada, in that it has a very low density; the town itself includes several smaller towns, the largest being Georgetown and Acton. The entire town is spread over 260 kilometres, and the population hovers just above 55,000. As you might guess, this means that many of the residents of Halton Hills actually find work and commute to and from outlying areas instead of living right in places like Riverdale, Toronto real estate, which can be exciting but expensive and hectic. These areas are also as noteworthy for their real estate opportunities as Halton Hills itself. In this section of the site, we will take a look at three of the biggest cities that border Halton Hills; here's a brief introduction.


Until very recently, the town of Milton had a population the same size as that of Halton Hills, although it is located in a much more confined area. However, Milton has seen rapid expansion over the last few years, in large part due to the completion of a project that sees water piped into the community from Lake Ontario. The completion of this project has led to a huge jump in the number of people who make Milton real estate home.

How huge is this jump? Well, the 2006 Canadian census discovered that Milton was the fastest growing city in the country. In the two years since that census, the population has grown from just below 54,000 to over 72,000. This means that Milton Ontario real estate has seen development like never before!


To the west of Halton Hills lies the city of Guelph, a municipality that dwarfs the smaller Halton Hills region, in terms of population size. The strong manufacturing sector of the city, combined with its relative proximity New Condos Toronto and businesses (it is within 100 kilometres), has historically contributed to the population numbers. Today, those numbers sit at just under 128,000 people.

Although it does not have the growth numbers of nearby Milton, Guelph is nevertheless amongst the fastest growing cities in Canada, ranked 5th after the 2006 census. Residents often include outlying communities as a part of Guelph. Guelph real estate in these areas tend to be a little more economical than those in Guelph itself.


Finally, to the east of Halton Hills lies the metropolis of Brampton. We don't use the word lightly, either; Brampton is the third largest city in the Greater Toronto area, with a population just under 434,000 people, just shy of the numbers that make Burlington and Oakville home.

As you might expect, that kind of population number means that economic opportunities in the city of Brampton are virtually limitless; there are jobs in almost every sector. Many people who live in outlying communities choose to commute to Brampton, as the cost of Brampton homes can be quite pricey due to demand.

In this section of our site, we will be looking at each of these three communities in a little bit more detail. We will provide information on housing options in these cities, as well as major selling points for most homebuyers, festivals in the towns, and points of interest.

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