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If you're living in the Greater Toronto Area or many of the surrounding cities than it's pretty certain that you've seen the GO Trains and Buses go by. This system is Ontario's only inter-regional public transportation service and was the first of its kind in Canada. It is now serving more than fifty million passengers a year and extends as far as Niagara Falls, Barrie, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Newcastle. There are few better ways for someone living in a community like Halton Hills or Georgetown to get to work at a strapping machine manufacturer or to downtown Toronto for a visit with friends more efficiently, quickly, and affordably. Here is a little more about this great service.

GO Transit started operating in 1967 providing service along Lake Ontario but it was not until last year when they merged with Metrolinx that they reached their current size and scope. The provincial government subsidizes the cost of travel to keep the system affordable to local commuters but the company is able to raise eighty to ninety percent of their operating costs through ticket sales. Currently the fares are available in single ride, weekly, and monthly passes, with different prices for adults, students, children, and seniors. They are used by people who live in condominiums downtown Toronto who work in Markham to people traveling to school in Waterloo or Hamilton.

The service area of GO ranges over about ten thousand square kilometers and spreads from downtown Toronto to over a dozen different communities in nearly every direction. There are seven different train lines and many different buses that offer connections to different routes and off-peak hour service. If you're working in keel repair and traveling for work than you will likely find a train that can get you to your destination quite quickly. If you're working a night shift, however, you may be required to transfer to bus service if you are going past a certain point.

About ninety-six percent of the people traveling by train are headed to or from Union Station in downtown Toronto. This transit system has made it much easier to live in one of the city's bedroom communities while still running one of the popular franchises Canada offers right downtown or going to one of the GTA's best post-secondary institutions. There are nearly sixty different train stops and seventeen additional bus terminals, four of which are in the Halton Hills Georgetown area.

There are so many reasons today to choose public transit over carpooling or driving your own vehicle and GO Transit is certainly doing their best to make this choice easier for all of those living in their service area. Whether you're working in rotary valve repair or are just headed for a night on the town you should consider leaving the car at home and hoping on a train or bus.

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